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Accounting / Tax Solutions

Tax Solutions:

TAS provides services for all structure types and a vast variety of industries.

We ensure that communication is maintained so that your work is completed and lodgments are made in a timely manner.

With the many changes in our legislative requirements we’re able to stay abreast of the changes as they occur this gives peace of mind to you our clients as you’re able to draw on our knowledge.

Tax solutions also forms an element of planning … TAS can assist here also. We all that know the most unwanted things in life is death and taxes … so let and us try and take the sting out of taxes.

We’ll work with you throughout the year and around March/April we can assist with the year end tax planning process.

We’re also very much aware that contacting the ATO can be overwhelming for some. TAS is able to assist you in this area. Use our experiences to liaise with the ATO (negotiations / disputes) – save your time, money and worry. WE HAVE YOU COVERED!